Our clients never have to worry about their time being wasted because our systems are designed to be as efficient as possible from beginning to end. 

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    Phil Desautels P.A. combines our new school advanced marketing techniques with an old school, concierge level of service, and discretion to facilitate the transaction with the highest level of integrity.

    Can I determine how much my home is worth from an internet website?

    The answer to this frequently asked question is NO!  Anyone who has bought a home, sold a home, or just looked at homes, has heard of websites such as Zillow and Trulia.  These are also commonly referred to as third party real estate websites.  Third party real estate websites are not local to every real estate market.

    These websites providing inaccurate estimates (or “Zestimates”) can create a false sense of hope and lead to frustration.  A home seller who is told their home is worth $20,000 less than the online estimate is going to be understandably upset.  It’s critical that when selling a home, the value is determined by a top Realtor in your local area, not an internet website!

    The internet website will not calculate location subtilities. For instance, Davis Island versus Harbor Island, the website will compare homes that have sold from each location. It will not understand the differences between the two locations and that a buyer will pay more to live on Harbor Island versus a similar home on Davis Island.

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    Our Phil Desautels P.A. Team delivers engaged opportunities to you, seamlessly and in real-time and enables you to capitalize on highly valuable information, at the time when they’re the most engaged.

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    Can you afford to lose $13 - $15K when selling your home?

    Services that offer to buy your home will cost you several thousands of dollars for the convenience.


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    Home Inspections

    We can help with the ins & outs fo your home inspection needs

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    Set Appointments

    Setting your appointments, so you can stay up to date and focused on your family

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    Title Services

    We can help you get The lowest closing costs available.

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    Understanding Terms

    We understand the lingo so you dont lose valuable info in intrepretation

    Real Estate Market Conditions

    Market Conditions

    We can explain up to date market pricing and how that will help you



    We can facilitate discussions and negotiation between the parties

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    Property Staging

    We can stage your property and be available for a proper tour

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    Proper Pricing

    Pricing your home correctly can be the single most important factor


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